COVID 19 Update

Information for patients on our Procedures during the COVID 19 Pandemic and

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

During the COVID 19 pandemic, in order to continue to provide you with excellent chiropractic care, Oakbridge Chiropractic Clinic has put additional measures in place for anyone attending an appointment in clinic.

There will be a questionnaire and a consent form for you to complete in order to ensure you understand the new clinic procedures, the symptoms of COVID 19 including reasons to self-isolate and have had the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. These questions will also be to establish whether a clinic appointment is appropriate for you or whether remote consultations at this time are advisable for you.

When you attend an appointment, your chiropractor will be wearing gloves, an apron, a face mask and eye shielding glasses. Please don’t be worried or frightened, it is important for us to use PPE. This is to follow guidance we have been provided with during the COVID 19 pandemic and to ensure that when you attend an appointment and have close contact with your chiropractor, we are looking after you as best we can and minimising any risk to you, to our other patients and to us. There will be a photo of your chiropractor so you can see the friendly face of the person looking after you.

We also will provide you with a mask to wear and we will take your temperature. If your temperature is 37.8 °C or higher we will have to suspend your appointment, advise you to return home and to follow self-isolation guidance for you and your household and to arrange a test for COVID 19. 

Hand sanitising and hand washing will also be necessary, so please make sure you are able to thoroughly wash your hands by avoiding wearing jewellery, watches and hand/wrist coverings.

We would like you to bring only essential items into the clinic, avoiding bags and shopping. We would like you to come straight from home by car and we will not be able to allow people to accompany you to your appointment unless you require assistance and only by prior arrangement.

We would like you to wear loose fitting clothing that you can potentially keep wearing for your appointment or that it will be easy to remove if you are changing into a gown (gown wearing is not compulsory and will be discussed with your chiropractor prior to your appointment).  

Our appointments are spaced out with more time in between to allow for a thorough clean down between each patient. This means we have fewer available appointments.

Payment for your appointment will be by BACS/online banking wherever possible. Other payment methods can be discussed if this is not possible. Please also see our cancellation policy.

We would like you to understand we cannot eradicate all risk. We have however conducted a thorough risk assessment and modified our procedures so that we can help to minimise risk as much as we can and maximise the chances of us all maintaining good health. 

Please see Appointments, Fees and Cancellation Policy for additional new information.