COVID 19 Update

Our Procedures During the COVID 19 Pandemic


In order to continue to provide you with excellent chiropractic care, we have put additional procedures and infection control measures in place in clinic.

We’ll ensure you understand the new clinic procedures, the symptoms of COVID 19 (including reasons to self-isolate) and have had the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. There will be a questionnaire and a consent form for you to complete prior to attending your first appointment.

On the day of your appointment, we will contact you by text message or phone call to check your and your household’s health status to ensure it is appropriate for you to attend your appointment.

For your appointment your chiropractor will be wearing medical grade Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Please don’t be worried or frightened, it is important for us to use PPE to follow guidance we have been provided with and to ensure we are looking after you and ourselves in the best way possible.

When you arrive, you’ll be asked to sanitise your hands and put a mask on. We will provide you with a Type IIR mask, the same as your chiropractor is wearing. We will then take your temperature. If your temperature is high, we will need to suspend your appointment, but we’ll follow up with a phone call to offer advice and support. It may be that you need to arrange a test for COVID 19. 

Please bring only essential items into the clinic with you. We’ll ask that you wear loose fitting clothing that you can potentially keep wearing for your appointment or that will be easy to remove if you are changing into a gown (gown wearing is not compulsory at this time and will be discussed prior to your appointment).  

We aren’t currently able to allow someone to accompany you to your appointment, unless you require assistance and this will need to be by prior arrangement.

Our appointments are spaced out with more time in between to allow for a thorough clean down between each patient. We also have an air purifier in the treatment room.

For payment you can use our contactless card facilities or cash or bank transfer.

We have conducted a thorough risk assessment and modified our procedures so we can help as best we can to maintain the good health of our patients and ourselves. We hope that this information allows you to feel safe, happy and confident in our clinic. 

Please see AppointmentsFees and Cancellation Policy for additional new information.