Treats her patients with compassion

We have been going to see Alyson Standing for years and I cannot recommend her enough. She is intelligent, professional, caring and an exceptionally talented chiropractor. She treats her patients with compassion and is very thorough. If more health care professionals were like her, the world would be a better place. Top notch.


   Courteous & Professional

I struggled for a number of years with lower back pain. Doctors could just 
prescribe anti inflammatories. Alyson cured that back pain 
with just a couple of visits, she also gave me a list of good back 
exercises to build up my back muscles and stop it coming back

On a separate occasion I broke my leg. This resulted in a limp and a lot 
of back pain, Alyson diagnosed my pelvis was out of line resulting in 
one leg being longer than the other. By straightening my pelvis she not 
only cured my back pain, but corrected the leg alignment and the limp 
quickly disappeared.  I rarely get lower back problems now but when I do 
I visit Alyson. She is always professional, courteous and always has 
time to see me.

I cannot recommend Alyson enough. Thank you for fixing me when I break.
Mike Titley

 professional and personable

I was recommended to Alyson by fellow members of our Karate Club. I found Alyson to be very professional and personable and gave clear and concise diagnosis of my injury and the proposed methods of treatment. After a few sessions with Alyson my shoulder started to get stronger and I was able to resume my weight and karate training encompassing the strengthening exercises prescribed. After 8 sessions my shoulder was fully healed and I have had no issues with it since. I recommend Alyson very highly
Lee Phillips

logo leaf Friendly & Professional


I was recommended to Alyson by my friends and I found her approach kind, helpful, friendly and professional with a clear explanation of my problem.
As a result of attending Alyson’s clinic and doing the exercises she prescribed, my muscles were strengthened.
Thanks to Alyson and a wonderful surgeon I was able to undergo two hip replacements in under ten weeks and made an amazing recovery. I hasten to add I am no spring chicken!!
Rita Roper

logo leafEffective Treatment


I have been treated by Alyson since 2009 for a long-standing chronic back condition, plus various other aches and pains.  Alyson has always been very caring and professional. She has kept me mobile and sane! For many years I was treated by a manipulative physiotherapist, I find the chiropractic, holistic approach much less painful yet effective.

I have not hesitated to recommend Alyson to friends and family since 2009.

Sonia Stevens

Fantastic Treatmentlogo leaf


After hurting my back as a result of a fall I was recommended by a friend to go and see Alyson and I’m so glad I did.  From the first consultation and throughout my treatment Alyson has been wonderful, always professional and caring.

Gemma Harris