Bjorn Hennius DC, MSc MRCC







I was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1959 and was raised there up to the age of 12 when my father’s work took the whole family abroad. I remember that I early on developed an interest in human biology and how the human body functions in health and during disease. Hospital placement was part of my training during my obligatory stint in the Swedish National service in the late seventies and the time spent on the different wards motivated me to look into Complementary Medicine and more specifically the field of Chiropractic.

After graduating from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth in 1984 I moved back and worked in Sweden for 16 years. I came over to Wales to work in the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic at the University of Glamorgan in Pontypridd in January 2000. I have stayed here since and returned to fulltime private practice as a chiropractor in late 2002, seeing patients in Cardiff and in Oakdale.

I discovered long ago that all of us as individuals respond differently to treatment and that everyone has their own recovery pattern including the time it takes for them to recover. I have also found that it is very important to educate every patient and to include self-help measures in the treatment plan in order to produce good results. For me it has become a personal goal to provide each patient with a basic understanding of the body and how they could make changes in their daily life to enhance musculoskeletal health and prevent relapses.

The care that I provide as a chiropractor is predominantly manual and does not necessitate complex techniques that are painful or unsafe. Chiropractic care should consist of the treatment appointment where I, as the chiropractor deliver the treatment procedures and give instructions on active care, which involves demonstrations of exercises, ice application and modifications of daily activities that assist treatment. The key is in my opinion to develop a treatment plan tailored for the individual patient and their needs, to work together, and to allow the body of the patient to do what it does best; respond, repair, and recover.