Courteous & Professional

I struggled for a number of years with lower back pain. Doctors could just 
prescribe anti inflammatories. Alyson cured that back pain 
with just a couple of visits, she also gave me a list of good back 
exercises to build up my back muscles and stop it coming back

On a separate occasion I broke my leg. This resulted in a limp and a lot 
of back pain, Alyson diagnosed my pelvis was out of line resulting in 
one leg being longer than the other. By straightening my pelvis she not 
only cured my back pain, but corrected the leg alignment and the limp 
quickly disappeared.  I rarely get lower back problems now but when I do 
I visit Alyson. She is always professional, courteous and always has 
time to see me.

I cannot recommend Alyson enough. Thank you for fixing me when I break.
Mike Titley